Sunday, October 1, 2006

Playboy back in the nightclub business - U.S. Business -
Somehow this weekend during a random conversation, Hugh Hefner's name came up, and I mentioned my long-held opinion that I hold Hef personally responsible for the sexual revolution and the whole mess that "sex for entertainment purposes only is okay" has wrought. Not that we Americans didn't need to loosen up our attitudes about sex...but we didn't completely need to open the floodgates and treat sex, even between consenting adults, as casually as if they were playing rummy, not engaging in the act that is also responsible for 1) binding people together for life and 2) creating new human beings. Because what happens is that, even when using birth control--and obviously, not everyone is responsible enough to do that -- people (usually women) get attached to people they shouldn't, and that, accidents happen, and people (always women) get pregnant.

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