Monday, October 2, 2006

Opinion: After 4 weeks, Bears, Colts NFL’s best - NFL -
Ok, given, I'm a girl, and only the most casual of football fans. (I learned to be a sports fan so I could engage in occasional conversation with the male members of my family.) But it just seems to me awfully, awfully early (as the writer himself confesses) to be making this kind of pronouncement. But it also seems to be the kind of stuff sports writers love to write. Is it the connection to gambling that compels sports writers and fans to want to predict the future? Because, really, what is the use? The future is the future, and often too weird and different for us ever to predict. Given that, being a casual Colts fan and also Bears fan (given that male-influenced atmosphere I l ive in), this prediction sounds like a lot of fun.

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