Saturday, October 28, 2006

Of a varied nature
This morning on CNN Headline News, I saw a story about the last Ford Taurus rolling off the assembly line in Georgia.
The man who founded Chick-Fil-a, Truett Cathy, bought it.
Just think! IF I were an Anna Nichole type...I could have married him...and been...
Cathy Cathy!

DST, roll 'er on back
Mostly, I have loved being on DST. I hated it that Indiana didn't change--because my family lives in Ohio, and NOT observing it made plannng visits awkward; because when we would be there on vacation in July, I loved that extra hour of light in the evening (not being an early riser anyway), and because it made work SO much harder, explaining to customers, readers, and others just what time it was or wasn't in Indiana. Sometimes, it was downright embarrassing.
So tonight, the Hoosier State and rest of the U.S. "falls back." The good part: an extra hour of sleep! I'M GOING TO READ FOR AN EXTRA HOUR. I don't care if I am tired, or could watch TV, or what: I'm reading March, by Geraldine Brooks, and it's really good, and I'm going to read!

Fasten down loose objects
Yesteday, a day of extremely trying weather conditions for a person of my temperate nature, I did errands at lunch and regreted it sincerely. So to assauge my ruffled soul, I did what any summer-loving human would do: drove freezing, damp self through the drive-through ice cream stand. Cake batter, with real cake. Yeah.
Later in the afternoon, I received one of those "emergency weather emails" I love to so much. This one announcing the high wind advisory for today. List of the all the affected counties...description of how high the winds might be, and the time to expect them ("daybreak")...and finally, the needed warning to:
"Fasten down all loose objects."
I assumed they meant those outside....

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