Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Journal Gazette | 10/31/2006 | Campaign 2006: Now, it’s personal
Hayhurst vs. Souder.
Aren't computerized political calls illegal? Because I got one last night. I had to listen for a second to be sure just which candidate it was for, because the first word I heard was "Hayhurst," making me think it was from that candidate; however, the lady's voice then began to diss Dr. Hayhurst thoroughly, and I discerned it was, indeed, a Souder ad.
I'm pretty apolitical, moderate, even temporate, and certainly independent. But it is pretty fun, to see national attention on a local race, and some of those smeary-ad-thing I see in Ohio, when I visit at election time, that we usually don't see in Ft. Wayne.
That said, I am wondering just how good Christians can vote for someone who proclaims themselves a Christian, but 1) continues to present himself as a resident of a place he is not...and 2) runs such smeary ads.
The same guy who took IPFW to the whipping block over a play...over and over again, for several years. And I'm supposed to trust him to protect my freedom of speech?

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  1. amish45110:14 AM

    Trust any of your freedoms to Souder...? Probably not a good plan ...
    Be prepared to hear a lot more of the same from the boy from Leo... good Christians can....
    Perhaps an opportunity for you to learn the difference 'tween Good Christians and Legal Christians