Friday, October 20, 2006

I love the word 'skanky'
Greg got to have dinner with a former governor of Mississippi (he's not the skank, in this post, though), who is on the Foamex board. "He's a Clinton guy," was his main observation! (Again, Clinton, in this post, not the skank [although admitting of definite skanky past behavior].) I guess he did have many interesting stories to share.
Now, I'm an Cleveland Indian's fan, but I will be pulling for the Tigers in the World Series. I'm glad the Cardinals beat the Mets (although, as Cubs fans, this t-shirt observed by Greg and Tony a couple of years ago at Wrigley Field said, "Cuck the Fardinals!" was very appropriate to them) but I'm going American League for this one. The Tigers are just too good a story. (None of these teams, skanky.)
Today's headlines on CNN caught my eye--several have been the topic of conversation at work, but when you see them all in a column...ya just shake your head. Most of this news is NOT funny...but that all these headlines appears in a list at one time, well (okay, here comes the skankiness):

# Report: N. Korea plans no new nuke test (MSNBC's headlines was funnier: "Sorry") (Skankiness factor of Kim Jong Il, extremely possible)
# Church to query priest's naked saunas with Foley (100% skanky)
# Iran warns Europe it may get hurt for backing Israel (nah)
# Man charged in NFL 'dirty bomb' hoax (oh yea)
# Teen stabbed to death at school bus stop (NONE)
# Remains found in manhole at Ground Zero (ABSOLUTELY NONE)
# Skanky notes, pork make Congress' top 10 list (TA-DA!)
# GOP House hopeful threatened immigrant voters (probable, given the headline above)
# 'Grey's' actor: I'm gay, so what? (TMI skankiness)
# Giant, 4-foot catfish stops traffic, drops jaws (stinkiness, not skankiness)
# Prison escapee used laxatives to slip away (BOTH stinkiness and skankiness)
# Gina Lollobrigida, 79, to wed beau, 45 (a WHIFF of possible skankiness)

What a mix, huh? Finally found that skank factor.

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