Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bruins need to step up play vs. Irish - Notre Dame Central -
The girls are alright. Yes, myself and friend Sarah, whose family has season tickets, will be at the ND-UCLA game on Saturday. Of course, I attended my first ND game last year--Tennessee--and was mesmerized by the spectacle, from the all-out partying in the parking lots as we walked in, to the hypnotizing activity on the quad as we ate hotdogs purchased from a dorm crew, to going to touch Knute Rockne's nose, for some traditional reason that still escapes me, to becoming band groupies at the concert on the architecture building's steps, to the grotto, to, yes, the actual game. Our bleacher seats in the end some were nothing short of awesome. One thing we didn't do was visit the bookstore, and it's on the agenda for this year. Thanks for inviting me Sarah!

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