Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And you thought "Wander Indiana" was bad
So Indiana is not the only state with questionable marketing ability...:
(Although, why does OutKast's "Hey, ya" sound so cool, and "SayWA" sounds so stupid? I'll ponder that this afternoon.)

SayWA no more - slogan roundly derided
By Associated Press
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 - Updated: 01:47 PM EST

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Half a year after being adopted as Washington state’s business promotion slogan, it’s sayonara for “SayWA.”
The widely mocked tag line is being dropped from advertising, although it remains on the state’s tourism Web site for now.
The slogan, 18 months in development, was dropped at the recommendation of the Tourism Advisory Council amid market research showing it had failed in its purpose of getting readers to go to the Web site.
Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development spokeswoman Michelle L. Zahrly said a theme of “endless discoveries for the independent spirit” will be used in a tourism promotion campaign next year, but a slogan hasn’t been chosen.
“SayWA,” devised by the ad agency Foote Cone & Belding and announced in March as a replacement for “Experience Washington,” was used extensively in magazine ads.
It was derided by a number of newspapers around the state, including The Olympian, which listed reader responses as “Profoundly dumb. Stupid. Ughh. Cheesy. Embarrassed. Stinkeroo. Dumb. Idiotic.”

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