Monday, September 18, 2006

Readin' writin' and updating web sites
I keep updating the web site it's my job to (the newly redesigned; I neglect to update my book club web site. I mostly write here, so that's pretty pitiful. But readin'...I read anything that's not moving too fast.
New issues of Food and Wine (way above my culinary head, but it's fun to look at the pictures); Every Day with Rachel Ray (more my style, but even her recipes can be pretty complicated); Prevention (I'm cancelling this one...well not renewing. I feel like they give the same advice over and over); Travel and Leisure (can't afford these vacation but a girl can daydream, can't she?); and of course my new favorite, Lucky. No better way to get the latest on trends (like I care, but it's fun to look!) and get ideas for stuff I want, I mean, need. It's like window shopping.
First book club of the night tomorrow; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on the "menu." Should be a lively discussion. How quickly summer passes; just yesterday we had our planning meeting and now the new year begins.
This spinach thing, I didn't happen to have any at home, and I think the last of it I ate was on a Subway last week or week before. Not dead yet, so looks like no e coli there. But how will anyone know when it is safe to eat fresh spinach?

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