Thursday, September 28, 2006

NOAA News Online (Story 2699)
Well, I've been wondering about the weather. Usually, although I am depressed about September--it's arrival meaning summer is about over--I'm always impressed by how beautiful the weather is. Usually, it's sunny, warm in the day, cool at night, not a lot of rain.
Not so this year. Starting the last week of August, we've had too many cloudy and cool days, rain, interspersed with one or two nice days. And I wondered, just what was going on? What weather pattern is different this year?
I'd also noticed that the hurricane predictions have been lowered; all the potential storms either peter out, or head north in the Atlantic without ever making it to the gulf.
Did a little googling and found the story on NOAA linked above. I should have known! The culprit is:
El Nino!

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