Monday, September 25, 2006

Newport Aquarium :: Newport, Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, Activities
If you get a chance, here's a great aquarium for a day trip. We combined it with a Reds/Cubs game--our bus dropped us off (early) at the stadium for the 1:15 ballgame. With time to spare, we walked across the bridge that delivers you at the doorstep of the museum; a mall is right there too. Well, and logically, organized; exhibits are beautifully and naturally presented; the shark area just rocks. The tank is HUGE: you can view it from a couple different angles. And best of all, as you exit the aquarium, you see the top of it; suddenly, you're not looking at a mammoth fish tank, but rather, a laboratory where real science might actually be happening. We all loved it.
Right before you exit, you walk through the penguin exhibit (why penguins, we wondered?) and we were sure one of them said, under his breath, "Cute and cuddly, boys, cute and cuddly." (see Madagascar)
Okay, now, just a thought that is certainly not original given the letters to the editors I've read, but worth contemplating: WHY build a new stadium downtown when we have a perfectly good one already, when we could do something like an aquarium? I can't think of one good aquarium in Indiana--do you know? Our family is crazy about baseball, but if I lived in Indy, I would NOT drive up to Ft. Wayne to see a low-A ballgame, even if it were held in Wrigley Field Junior. I WOULD drive up to see a world-class aquarium. HHMMMmmm....

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