Monday, August 21, 2006

Man among boys in Little League World Series - Other Sports -
Greg and Tony watch the LLWS obsessively.... I'll watch along, but not the ends of game. Having had a kid play Little League (Time Corners) and much-too-much other baseball for many, many years, as much fun as it is to see the happiness of the winners, it just breaks your heart to see the disappointment of the non-winners. ("Losers" just sounds so negative.) Because, truth is, every single team save one will exit this tournament on the short side of the score. That's a lot of disappointment and tears. Of course they all get over it--as we used to observe when our boys were little, they were disappointed after a loss for a minute, then said, "Can we go to Dairy Queen?" and beat their butts over there, laughing all the way. Is it as easy for these boys to get over, when their faces are plastered all over the various flavors of ESPN, complete with their stats, favorite player, favorite movie, etc? Hopefully so.

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