Monday, August 28, 2006

Journal Gazette | 08/27/2006 | Listeners grow tired of the same old song
Friends, this is just too true. I grew sick of oldies sometime in the '90s and have suffered mightily trying to listen to Ft. Wayne radio ever since. In a place where WMEE and WAJI are ubiquitous, if I have to listen to "Jack and Diane" one more time, I may expire on the spot. I know I'm too old, but I long for a Top 40 radio station--Rick Dees on Sunday mornings on 103.9 is my favorite listening of the week. Also, listening to the Top 40 XM station on TV (Dish Network thank you.) And when we travel ... it's just so easy to find something on the dial.
And now I read 103.9 is changing formats. Are we to have NO station resembling a Top 40 here in FTW? I know. Fire up the iPod.

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