Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another one of Ron Faust's...Fugitive Moon. Different from the others I've read...and makes me wonder if HE's had personal experience with schizophrenia. Not my business, of course. I have two more of his two read, plus September's book club book, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Plus Truman Capote's biography. I really have had a blast this summer reading all of Faust's books. I love discovering an author I haven't read, and they have several books, and I can read and read and read. Even when I shouldn't, like at midnight when I have to be up at 6:30 and go to work, and then I'm tired...but I'm well-read. Reading is probably the only thing I like better than sleeping.
Had Glory Road to watch from Blockbuster and just couldn't fit it in before it had to go back. And Get Rich or Die Tryin' has been sitting for a couple of weeks from the online service.
I'm sure I'm not the only 50-year-old who has Outkast's Speakerboxx/The Love Within on her visor...well maybe in Ft. Wayne. Who knows. So I was excited to read this review in USA Today this morning. Four stars! Gotta download that one, fast.
Someone wants to build an ethanol plant here in Huntington, in the industrial park on US 24, and lots of people here at work are not happy about it. Just read this story about another little town not too hot on the idea.
Spent a couple hours last night downloading pictures off my camera, then uploaded them to a service I hadn't tried Was having problems getting Kodak Gallery to work--the new update wouldn't install. Snapfish automatically installed an extension into Firefox, but then the javascript didn't work quite as it should, and I ended up using IE6, and all was good then. I had read, maybe in PC World, that Snapfish was one of their recommended sites, and I can see why. Easy to use, nice features, good prices on prints. 20 free once, except for shipping, for trying it. I could share the albums, also.

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