Thursday, August 3, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - hot hot not
Heat indexes of 106 degrees...yes, I am the only one who loves it, but hey! Someone has too! Although, when it's so hot that even I can't sit outside in the sun, it's pretty bad. I can walk in a little in it...SHOP in it...but just sitting and reading, now, that was just too much. Today, a reprieve: thunderstorms, it's 74, and lesser humidity promised.
Last Friday, Greg and I went to "the music" after a food-court dinner, eaten outside. Plenty hot as usual. The biggest excitement was a lady getting sick in the fountain area--the EMS folks came to get her. Before that, we had run into our neighbors from our first house in Ft. Wayne--it was great to see them.
Saturday was full! Grocery store and housework in the morning and early afternoon, then the troops arrived for the evening. Ang and Matt were off to a wedding reception, and Julian, the birthday boy, Taylor and Caroline were ready to be entertained. After naps for the girls, it was off to Paige's Crossing for batting cages (Julian), mini-playground (girls), putt-putt (Greg, Julian, and sometimes Caroline), and some video games in the arcade. We didn't get home until about 10--the little ones were beat!
Which meant...they slept through the night!
Sunday was Julian's 9th birthday! Breakfast of cherry turnovers (his favorite) and some presents; then back to the Hess house to help get ready for a family party. Lots of food; Julian got want he wanted--some "donations" to help him buy new golf clubs. At 5, he went to his dad's for another party. The guys went off to play golf; Jayme, McKenna and I went back to Hearthstone Dr. to chill out until we all met for dinner at Cebollo's.
Not such a busy week this week--thank goodness! Greg late every night working on a big project at work; last night, we did go up to Ang's for dinner (well, me anyway--he was late) and to play. Although the front had not moved through yet, it seemed not so hot to sit outside. We could see the clouds moving in from the north, though.
Off to Indy next Saturday with work friends for some shopping and a WNBA game.
I'm working on When She Was Bad by Ron Faust--just a fun read. Stuff keeps seems the story is done, and he comes up with more stuff to go wrong. I picked up The Devil Wears Prada from the library and read a few pages before bed--it is a hoot--I'd like to see the movie.
Watched The Producers last weekend--pretty funny stuff. I've been watching Mel Brooks productions my whole life.

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