Friday, August 4, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - Blogs I read
And a strange little collection they are:

  • Amy Welborn's Open Book, which I read for work; she has great links and I'll also check out HER list of blogs once in a while, just to keep up on what's happen
  • Rachel Balducci's Testosterhome, which I found through Amy's blog, just because I think it's hilarious
  •, because she used to live and write in Fort Wayne, and she annoys the hell out of me
  • FortWayneObserved, a political blog, for the inside scoop on The Fort. Mitch Harper, editor.
  • The Dilbert Blog, again, for his humorous qualities--thanks, Scott Adams.
I plan on reading Indiana Parley more often; I'm developing a sick, sick interest in Indiana politics--the Indiana State Legislature is absolutely a political soap opera.

I keep two blogs, one on LiveJournal, and this one on Blogspot, Common Sensibilties. No one reads either; my Blogspot is visited by spiders every week, though!

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