Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - What I did on my summer vacation
Oh don't run off I will be short and sweet, not long and boring!
I am frustrated--I can't upload my pics to Kodak Gallery--my laptop won't install the updated version of the software for bulk uploads. So stay tuned for those.
Don't you wish you had all this fun:

* Firelands Symphony Concert at the high school on Sunday, July 2, complete with three soloists. Some light opera, showtunes, and patriotic selections. Dad and Reeny my companions. Too bad storms threatened--it was supposed to be at the reservoir again (we went last year).

* Tall ships on display in Sandusky on Monday. First, we (Dad and I) took the free trolley tour of downtown. Lasted half an hour or so -- we were the only ones on the trolley and our driver was just super. I learned more about the history of downtown Sandusky in a half-hour than I had in 30 years! Interesting underground railroad info.

* (Kind of small) tall ships. One is used in a youth ministry and the other is maintained just for exhibits. Also, a tour of the bay on the old Cedar Point ferry, which Sawmill Creek Resort now owns.
* Lunch at Damon's on the marina...mmmm.
* Sandhill Winery on the way home. Kind of upscale (owner lives in NYC). Sampled half a dozen wines and bought a bottle of their dessert wine.

* Fourth of July! Parade as usual watched from Reeny's front yard. Then out to the fairgrounds for lunch and to watch the mechanical bull buck people off. A summertime dinner provided by Mom around 6, with Reeny over; we watched Pirates in anticipation of Friday's premier. In the evening...fireworks, of course.

* Put-in-Bay on Wednesday with Dad, Reeny and Adam. Ferry over from Catawba in the morning; lunch at the Boardwalk. Golf cart around to the historical society museum, shopping, music at the Round Bar, Stonehedge home, Victory Hotel ruins at the state park, drinks on the patio, Skyway restaurant, get it! We caught the last ferry back at 9--great sunset.
* Thursday shopping at Crocker Park and Avon. Lunch on the patio at the Cheesecake Factory! Ice Cream from Cold Stone Creamery.
* Friday found Dad and I walking at Shoepfle Gardens in Birmingham. Lunch at TGIFriday's with the Dee's (entrance to Cedar Point). And then...
* PIRATES! We looked forward to this all week. Reeny, Dad and I had dinner at Casa Fiesta...then on to the movie where we met Susy and Mark. It was GREAT! Swashbuckling, action-packed, thought-provoking and fun. Later, we discussed the nuances around the campfire with drinks and snacks on Susy and Mark's beautiful patio, while we watched planes, satellites and maybe even the space station fly through the night sky. We also caught the fireworks from Huron.

Saturday was back home for a wedding, and Sunday was spent on home chores and catching up.

I was able to read a couple good books! Most notably, The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. Really well-written description of grief, mourning, and living. We also read our Wine for Dummies books, which has taught is NOT for dummies!

Besides Pirates, we watched The Family Stone (one dysfunctional Christmas), and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (hey, it's summer). Oh, and I watched most of Praire Home Companion TV special on PBS--really good.

Last night it was the Ice Cream Social and Concert at IPFW. We've been going for years--and now we're there watching Angela in the Community Band and taking care of Taylor and Caroline as she plays!

Tonight: Pirates (again for me!) with Tony and Jayme and Greg. Oh, and McKenna, who is now smiling and I can't wait to see her!

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