Friday, July 21, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - Not happening
Still not waking up in the mornings! And, (boredom warning) here's the reason why:
Hey, I ONLY read until 11:15 (okay, maybe it was A LITTLE closer to 11:20, I HAD to finish that one chapter). And it wasn't like I was on the couch all evening eating popcorn and watching Flightplan (I DO have Flightplan to watch, who knows when?)--no, I took a walk, cooked dinner, ate dinner, threw dishes in the sink, ran out the door, drove to Lazer X, picked up not ONE, not TWO, but THREE grand daughters and walk them all over to the mall to babysit. Julian was having his "friends" birthday party there. He had about 8 of his guys there to play.
Greg and I walked the girls (Taylor and McKenna in the double stroller, or "double-wide," as someone called it last week, and Caroline holding Papa's hand) across the packing lot to the mall.
As soon as we got there, Caroline yelled "horsey-ride" and made her way to the new, two-story carousel they've put in the food court. Her little face just glowed as Papa stood beside her as they took their ride.
The babies and I watched and I noticed Taylor felt a little hot. Angela told me she was teething and didn't feel real well, and her subdued behavior all night proved that!
After the ride we went upstairs, when Caroline again showed her excellent memory by yelling "cookie!" and of course the Cookie Cottage is right there. Cookies all around (well, McKenna was asleep and has no teeth) and Taylor just played with her snickerdoodle. Caroline picked out a cookie fit for a princess, sugar with white icing and pink sprinkles.
The phone rang while we ate and it was Tony, on his way to pick up McKenna. He had played two softball games and needed to get home and get the newly refurbished camper ready for its first trip this weekend.
We met him at the Sears rear entrance, and realized it was time to head back over to Lazer X already!
Another walk across the parking lot, and into Lazer X to find the birthday party eating pizza and getting ready for their next game.
We were able to help with the pizza, the present opening, and the ice-cream-cake distribution. The party played another game, and Caroline got to "play" some video games. By the time the thing was done, it was going on 9:30!
And I wonder why I can't get up in the mornings!
I hope we get to "go to the music" at JP tonight, then tomorrow it's golf for Greg, and a Shakespeare play at Winona Lake in the afternoon for me. For dinner and the evening, it's up to the lake for a party!
Hopefully, Sunday can be a "day of rest"!

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