Monday, July 24, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - Forgot the most important thing
In my entry about having the babies at the mall, I forgot to mention the most important aspect! Duh! And that--the amount of attention one gets when pushing around two babies in a "double-wide" (double stroller) and holding a two-year-old by the hand.
McKenna (three months) and Taylor (11 months) were the stars of the stroller--McKenna was asleep most of the time but then woke up and opened those huge blue eyes. Taylor was not feeling well so was a little more subdued than usual. And Caroline was in charge! Of course everyone thought they were OUR babies which is a hoot and probably a compliment in itself.
As Greg said, it was probably the cheapest trip to the mall we'll ever have with three girls, the total costs being $2 for a ticket on the carousel and $5 for come cookies.

A good weekend--music and dinner out on Friday night. On Saturday, Greg played golf with a group of friends in the afternoon, and I went to Winona Lake, IN for lunch and a Shakespeare play, with Sarah and Joyce. A new Asian cuisine/suchi bar named Cerulean was our luncheon destination--GREAT. And A Midsummer Night's Dream as performed by the Masterworks Series theater group on the Grace College campus was wonderful.

Afterwards, Greg and I headed up to Big Long Lake to help Matt's brother celebrate receiving his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan. Lots of food and drink; a ride on Matt and Angela's new Sea-doo! Was that fun! Also had a boat ride with Mike, Jaretta and crew.

Luckily, not much going on Sunday with Ang & gang still at the lake and Tony, Jayme and McKenna camping, so we could get housework and lawnwork done, and have some time in the p.m. for reading and baseball watching (Greg of course). A couple good walks, including to DQ after dinner!

The coming week looks not TOO busy...but I prob shouldn't predict that!

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