Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - Continuing Recovery
Usually it only takes, oh, one to three days for me to get back to normal after a week off. For some reason, my "recovery" keeps delaying itself this year. I want to stay up later...and find myself reading to midnight. That means when 6:30 a.m. comes, I'm in no shape to get up, even though I have to--and find myself oversleeping a little, even to as late as 7:05 one morning! Heavens. I'm just having trouble getting back to a working state of mind, and that's bad, considering the big web redevelopment project we having brewing, and that it's mostly my responsibility. But I just want to read too late, sleep too long, sit out in the sun by the pool during the day, and play...sometimes, I hate being a grownup.
So what am I reading?
I had the library send me all the Ron Faust books they had. I found his Sea of Bones by accident and loved it--laconic and funny and hard all at the same time. So now I'm working on the first in that series, Dead Men Rise Up Never. And I have the next one too, plus a bunch of other stuff.
Still working on The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle. Mixed reactions by me...I mostly want to know how it ends and get over with it. Not that the writing's not good; it just seems kind of self-consiously aware of itself as good writing. Look! I'm really a good writer!
On the end table: Rachel Ray's new magazine; More; ESPN the Magazine; Food and Wine; Prevention. One is a gift; one is really Tony's; the rest, mine. Also, I borrow a friend's Real Simple. And I'll look at O, but it mostly makes me feel inadequate and ineffective, so I don't subscribe anymore.
Last night: community band concert at the Follinger. Wonderful! The associate director dressed and the concert given the manner of John Phillip Sousa. Several appropriate musical selections for band were interspersed with Sousa marches as surprise "encores." We heard American Patrol, Irish Tune from County Derry (Oh Danny Boy), Bugler's Holiday, Armed Forces Salute, National Emblem March, William Tell Overture, Italian Street Song, Yankee Doodle, and Stars and Stripes Forever. Sousa marches included El Capitan, King Cotton, Sabre and Spurs, Washington Post, Thunderer, and I've Made my Plans for the Summer. Guest soloist on the Italian Street Song and I've Made My Plans--she was great.
Tonight I think we're off to the Allen County Fair, I particularly like the llamas.

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