Friday, July 14, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - The body returns from vacation; the spirit, perhaps not
It's not been a hard week; I've certainly had worse. It has been busy; Monday, it was Ang's concert and ice cream social; Tuesday, it was to dinner and Pirates with Tony, Jayme, and little McKenna; Wednesday, T,J, and Mc. were over for dinner; last night, down to the festival with Ang, Matt and the little girls. See? Tonight, while Greg is off on his golfing weekend, I'll find something fun to do with Beth for her birthday.
Which is good, because it has kept me from thinking, "This time last week I was having a tour of Sandusky Bay. This time last week we were at the parade. This time last week we were sitting on the Boardwalk at Put-in-Bay eating lobster bisque. This time last week we were shopping at Crocker Park. This time last week we were walking at Shoeple Gardens."
But I'm sure I've bored all around me at work with stories of "what we did last week."
Did I tell you about the little quote I had in USA Today this week? I get asked by email for comments once in awhile--this week it was a Pirates/Johnny Depp question and they picked mine to use! Read the story by clicking here.
It must be my week to be published. I had written a letter to the editor of the News-Sentinel about losing weight, in response to an article they had run about possible sociological reasons for obseity. It hasn't appeared yet--I'll link when it does.
My neighborhood has been in the news! Because of the old houses that have been trailered in and placed on two foundation holes dug on a formerly wooded corner lot just down the street from me. I mean, here is an addition in which you can't build a storage shed, nor hang clothes out to dry, that is allowing these shacks to be placed on a too-small lot and hopefully fixed up! Read about that mess by clicking here.
Then, I found this story...the funny thing about it is (not that the poor lady drowned in Kingswood Center) but that it quotes Dave Nirode, who I graduated from New London with--Greg played basketball w/ him and he was in band. He's been a police office in Mansfield for many years. Read about that here.
Gonna be hot this weekend...hoping for a llitle pool/sun time!

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