Thursday, June 8, 2006

Little Critters

Somehow my busy life does not seem to include updating my blogs, but I simply had to take a moment for this one.
Jayme and Angela brought the babies and of course Julian down for lunch. Everyone at the office enjoyed seeing them, especially baby McKenna, whom they have heard so much about.
We went out to lunch at Pizza Hut, then Ang head home and Jayme to my house with the baby--she wanted to feed her before going to a doctor appointment, then she was going to Ang's for a cookout for Matt's b-day later on.
My phone rang about 2 p.m. I was talking with a co-worker in my office. I ignored it, but it rang again a few moments later.
I had to answer, fearing some catastrophe.
It was Jayme, cracking up. "Sammy is a failure as a cat," she said. "He should be fired!"
Well this is really not news, he is just a really weird little animal!, but I coudn't help but wonder why Jayme was calling me to tell me this.
Then she continued:
"These is a chipmunk in the kitchen!"
This was stunning news.
She had gone in to the sink...and there was a little chipmunk! She scared it, and it ran BEHIND THE MICROWAVE!
(I certainly wish I had a picture of her face when she saw the creature, that would be priceless!)
Sammy certainly had proved useless in protecting our home from small rodents.
To make a long story short, we remembered a time a couple of years ago when we noticed some insulation fallen out in our basement utility room; as if something had tried to enter the basement from without. We had stuffed the insulation back and forgotten about it.
Upon examining the same area yesterday, there again was the insulation strewn around the sump area, and now we knew, the chipmunk was the culprit.
Sure enough, looking out the French doors to the area on the outside, there the little critter was SITTING ON THE BACK STEP.
Greg scared it, and it ran into the hole!
Well, a little later he actually took a picture of it sitting under the gas grill, with Sammy under there too, with the cat paying NO attention to the critter, but rather to the birds in the yellow locust tree!
Sammy is indeed FIRED!
We couldn't do much about it at that time, since we had a cookout to go to, but when we got home, we did a little inspection and couldn't find the thing anywhere inside (nor hear it) so Greg duct-taped up the hole, optimistically thinking he/she was outside and we are blocking its entrance.
I suppose I will find out tonight when I get home...stay tuned!

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