Monday, June 26, 2006

Babies. Bills. Bonday.
Was going for the alliteration there and the muse just completely deserted me.
The babies are Caroline and Taylor, who slept over Friday night, and McKenna, who visited Sunday for dinner.
The bills were dentist/doctor type, and finally got paid after three or four phone calls, two checks, and a credit card or two.
Bonday is just stupid, since it's really Monday, and it is today, and is pretty much just a normal day, which I really appreciate anymore.
Did not get to watch my Blockbuster Online movie, Cheaper by the Dozen II, which promises to be the type of summer fun movie analogous to the books I'm in the mood to read. Of course we have seen I know what to expect. And it's interesting to think of how Steve Martin presented his character in Shopgirl, and then how nutty he is in something like CbtDII...what a range, huh? Reading-wise, well of course I've finished Evanovich's Twelve Sharp. Her usual hilarious situations, outrageous characters, perils of Pauline plot, and an overload of Ranger sexiness. Personally, I think Stephanie is NUTS...dump Joe, hitch on with Ranger, and hang on for the ride.
Also dabbling in Sea of Bones, a crime novel by Ron Faust. Pretty funny guy...interesting characterizations, laconic dialog (do I detect a Larry McMurtry influence?) and a plot not impossible to follow. Kind of fun.
Not much on TV except baseball--since both the Cubs and Indians are sucking (will the return of D.Lee help? Will the Indians ever learn to play defense?) my interest in waning. Thank goodness for a good book.
Ballgames and a concert this week, and getting ready for vacation next. Just Ohio to the Aged Parents...Cedar Point, some wineries, the lake, Put-in-Bay. Not bad.

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