Tuesday, May 23, 2006

cadee49: Tea...Sun...Dinner

It was certainly nice to have a weekend at home, especially after two stressful weekends!
Friday, Julian had a baseball game, then he and parents were off to Boy Scout Family camp. Be sure to read Angela LJ entry about that experience (click my "friends" tab). Greg and I had a Bandito's for dinner, then on home for a change!
Saturday was busy! Greg and Tony planned a golf outing...Jayme, McKenna and I, shopping! Garage sales were going on in a couple additions around us, so we hit a few with mixed results. Jayme was looking for baby stuff and found just a few things. I was looking for a car seat for a bigger kid, and didn't find one (yet); I was not looking for a riding lawnmower, and DID find one. Greg got his birthday present early! Only $100, red, 30" mower. He was pretty pleased. Especially at the sight of me driving it home through two additions.
After garage sailing, Jayme and I hit JP for Old Navy and ice cream...Kohl's...and Walmart. McKenna was great, her stroller keeps her very safe from people breathing on her; she ate once and slept the rest of the time.
Got home just in time to get ready and meet Sarah, Joyce, Beth and her husband Pat for dinner at Fox and Hound, then to see The Da Vinci Code. Dinner was fun; we hadn't eaten there before. The movie was, well, interesting; we didn't think it was particularly well done, parts were downright boring and of course the history and research is extremely suspect. The audience actually laughed out loud in a couple of places they shouldn't have! I told our group that although I'm not surprised by the strong opening, I don't think it will get the repeat business that makes a real blockbuster. An interesting note--the person who printed my tickets out for me (I had bought them online then forgot my credit card, so I needed help!) told me our showing was sold out; oddly, the theater was only 1/4 full! I don't know if she was mistaken, or if a church had bought the tickets to keep people from going (as we heard some were doing). Good thing for popcorn, I might have counted that as 2-1/2 hours wasted at the movies!
Well, we DID get ice cream after...!
Sunday a calmer day, a quick trip to Walmart for a couple groceries I forgot on Sat., then the laundromat for an hour to wash some bed linens that don't fit in the home washer. Chores and a walk rounded out the day.
This week busy, with a business dinner w/ Greg and a colleague last night, babysitting tonight, a baseball game and a chat to monitor tomorrow, possibly more babysitting on Thursday, and a holiday weekend AT HOME to start on Friday!

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