Tuesday, May 16, 2006

cadee49: A busy two weeks

A busy two weeks
Sadly busy, since Greg's brother Tim passed away on May 9 after a week in cardiac intensive care after suffering cardiac arrest on May 1. Read his obit by clicking here.
It was a week of travel, family visiting, cleaning, errands, funeral home duties, and the funeral on Saturday. Over 700 people signed the guest book--the line was long for each session. Our Lady of Lourdes Church was packed, with folks even in the basement watching on closed-circuit TV. We think about 300 people came to the luncheon after.
I saw people I had not in 20 or even 30 years--classmates, neighbors, aquaintences. That was kind of nice.
It was great to get home on Sunday, though. Tony and Jayme brought McKenna over for her first visit! I took a picture but I have to say she was kind of underwhelmed about it all. She just wanted to eat and sleep, like she does at home. Maybe that's a compliment! She will be spending plenty of time at Mama and Papa D's in the future and playing with her cousins, what three beautiful little girls! They will be so fun.
Who ever knew it would be so nice to come to work? Or just go out to lunch--well, Joyce and I tanned (I know, very bad) but it felt GREAT then had some retail therapy at WalMart. Last night after work I stopped at Kroger for groceries and enjoyed every minute of that too. We cooked pork chops on the grill, had baked potatoes and corn on the cob, and it was all AT HOME. It quit raining enough to have a walk after.
Speaking of rain, I'm carefully tracking our slow-moving low, which has been descended upon us for a week now. Rain every day; no sun. Looking at the satellite pictures today, we MIGHT have a break this afternoon, maybe...or not. Maybe tomorrow; surely sometime!
Baseball game after work and book club after that.

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