Thursday, April 20, 2006

A victim of bad online journal keeping

Or, I guess I'm not the victim...I'm the perpetrator!
As much as I like to write and blog (nowadays, are those the same things?) you KNOW I'm busy when no entries appear.
April has been extremely not boring.
I LOVE April...oh it can be mean. But the first full month of spring--often brings the first day you wear shorts (done!). It's brought the first little cookout and picnic on the patio, last Saturday with the kids, the first time the slip and slide got broken out, the first full week the furnace has been off. The first time the grass is cut. Neighbor Pete pulls the cover off his pool, and cleans it off in the big circle on our street. The first sunburn (belongs to Julian). Baseball of Wizards games. The first time Indiana observes daylight savings time, and we enjoy the long evenings and taking second walks.
April also means book club is winding down, and our next to last meeting was this past Tuesday. The Known World, a Pulitzer-Prize-winner, by Edward P. Jones, about black owners of slaves, provided a thoughtful discussion. We also celebrated a "teacher of the year" award for one of our members. Next month it's The Good Wife by Stuart Onan, then our planning meeting in June.
My last two wisdom teeth bit the dust on the 7th...since they had long been erupted, they were pulled, but I don't know if losing one's wisdom teeth can ever be easy. My jaw is sprained or strained ever since, and I've been back to my oral surgeon once for a checkup (he did a great job), and must go back next week. My jaw is not opening as widely as it should, still, and is very sore.
Off to Ohio also that weekend for a pre-Easter visit. On Saturday my dad and I visited a little winery in Berlin Heights and had a private taste-testing. He's a fan of their blueberry wine, and I bought a honey crisp apple that was wonderful. It reminded me of the Electra that Jayme likes, minus the bubbles. Then to lunch at a little hole in the wall place, also in Berlin Heights, that had wonderful bar food, including a mammoth bowl of beef stew for Dad, and just absolutely wonderful perch for me.
A family meal on Sunday was great for an opportunity to see everyone.
A quick trip to New London to see Gramma and Grampa Dee and Bobby, poor Grampa has had some health problems but hopefully is stabilizing.
Easter at home this year, a strange experience, but with the little girls and Julian there, very very busy! And fun. The poor little girls had colds and coughs, then Taylor got a fever, and was pretty unhappy for a day or two. Kept spewing her bottles. But she is crawling like crazy now, and loves to sit on my lap and make the "kissy sounds," with her lips pursed, and claps and claps. She's just beautiful! Ang trimmed her hair, so she looks less as if she had a bad mohawk. Caroline was just the best entertainment, she is talking like crazy and I understand 90% of it. Julian just wanted to go from one activity to another! Egg-coloring, egg hiding, baseball, dog-walking (the neighbors'), playing with Morgan and her friend, slip and sliding...he was busy. They had wonderful Easter baskets to find, filled with stuff from Aunt Reeny, Great-gramma McCabe, and me.
Sad to report Matt's grampa passed away after a short battle with lung cancer, on the 15th. His funeral is today; we visited the funeral home last night. A herd of little kids there; somehow funerals are not quite so funereal when little kids are around!
Ang and Matt had an excellent vacation in Sarasota...she took tons of pictures of their many many activities and sidetrips. They also got to have dinner with the Benders and enjoyed that very much. After flying into Indy, they got home last on Easter Saturday; they were over by about 10:30 with their treats for the kids.
Jayme and McKenna continue to hang in's over 33 weeks now! Seven of them in the hospital. I think they'd like her to get a couple more weeks in and perhaps keep McK out of NICU.
We're having a baby shower this weekend, which will be a great celebration.
Probably up to the hospital tonight...I need to do some shopping for the shower...and another busy weekend ahead!

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