Friday, April 28, 2006

cadee49: Whew
What a lovely spring! It's been in the high 60s and even low 70s most days this week, and the sunshine...wonderful. We had enought rain one day to give stuff the good watering it needs. The flowering trees are in full bloom, and the only negative about it is the allergy sufferers are feeling it! In our yard the flowering crabapple is a deep "hot pink," as Caroline would say, there are tulips here and there, and the lavender and other little perennials are starting to grow nicely. Both my rosebushes seems to have made it through the winder, although the azalea I planted last summer may have bit the dust. Also, the rhodedendron in front of the garage looks a little peaky, but I think it's just slightly ill, not terminal.
To the Wizards baseball game last night with Ang, Matt, the little girls, and Julian. What a warm evening for April! Plus, I got to have my favorite stadium dinner, nachos and cheese with jalepenos. OH--and cotton candy for dessert! Caroline ran into the stadium after climbing the steps saying, "Baseball game! Baseball game!" which made Papa Dee very happy! She seemed fascinated by the field action, although Dinger the Dragon, team mascot, scared the bejesus out of her! She wanted NOTHING to do with Dinger!
On the other hand, Julian, an old hand at Wizards game, has no problems the ole Ding. After nachos being eaten by all, I took him and Caroline to the playground behind the deck by right field. Not a lot of people at the game (less than 2,000) so not many kids playing. Julian of course is the perfect age to climb all over the slides, tube, ladders, etc. Caroline is quickly learning the ropes at the playground. She could climb the steps to the end of the tube, climb through the tube to the slide, and of course, sslliiddee on down. Over and over again.
We ran into Mike Nutter, general manager of the Wizards, whom Tony knows from his internship. Told him about the baby. Really nice guy! He and his wife are going this weekend to see Randy and Tracy, who used to work for the Wizards but now live in Cleveland--Tracy works for the Cavs. Tony and Jayme have visited them also.
Mike gave Julian a baseball, which he had autographed by Dinger on our way back to the seats.
I should mention Taylor, it was her first baseball game. She was her usual calm self--she just sat on our laps and smiled and smiled at everyone!
Matt got paged to go to the hospital, so since the Wizards were substantially losing at that point, we packed up to go see baby McKenna & co. at the hospital for just a sec. They were all doing well--McKenna is her usual petite beautiful self, sleeping away under the lights, she had just had a good feed and was stretching a little, waving her teeny legs in the air.
Julian had his first baseball game Wednesday night, and it was a lot of fun. His team won! He had a hit, pitched well, and most importantly had a good time.
The weekend...another game Saturday morning, then not much else on the agenda.

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