Friday, March 10, 2006

cadee49: Rainy, but warm; at work, but it's Friday!

March is such a cool month...the first of the month bringing meteorological spring, and the 20, the vernal equinox; while we might have very cold weather and even snow, we also can feel the sun getter warmer and warmer and days that make you remember the softness of summer. March makes a winter-hater full of hope!

No hospital visit last night. Instead we went out to dinner, which we usually don't do on a weeknight, but what the heck! We hadn't been to one of our favorite hangouts, Carlos O'Kelley's, lately, so we headed over there. Big 10 tournament on TV, so Greg was happy. I resisted the half-price margarita night! I had my usual, chipotle cheese crisp. The bad news, it was not the usual crispness and indeed seemed to have stayed under the heating lamp too long; was downright rubbery. I ate it anyway, being starved and not wanting to send it back and wait longer! A manager stopped by later to ask how our meal was; I was honest with her, and said, mine was not as good as usual. She asked for details, and was apologetic; but didn't offer a discount or a coupon on a future meal. In other words, she really didn't care my meal had not been good! Why ask, if you're not going to do something to make it better?

I had all good intentions of working out when I got home, but instead ended up in the recliner all evening...we had American Idol and basketball on TV, split screen of course. I also made the mistake of turning on the computer and participating in a four-way chat with various families members, now that was fun! Jon now knows way too much about redecorating and obstetics!

The final 12 decided on AI...the biggest surprise, the 16-year-old guys who looks like chicken little made it! He has really got to go.

Another birthday here at work, this time a 40th of one of the book editors'. Too much food, again--but cake! Who can resist cake?

Tonight, I have to get a few things to take to the hospital after work, for Jayme, then we are getting Casa and will visit awhile. Tomorrow night is pizza and movie night--Harry Potter is on the playbill!

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