Tuesday, March 28, 2006

12 long years!
Today is my 12-year anniversary at Our Sunday Visitor. It's the longest I've worked anywhere! To "celebrate," I brought treats, but because it's Lent, I brought bread and water! No kidding, either. Oh, I brought a few cookies for "the pagans, heathens, Protestants, and my friend Carol," )who likes sweet things).
It's been pretty busy here at work. We're working on a big web site redevelopment project. Our consultants have a large team, and they are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so everything is done at an occasional meeting here in Indiana or by phone conference. It's a major, major project, and a ton of work has been done, and is yet to be done.
I had a night off last night! Greg was going to a business dinner, so I didn't even have to make an effort for that. I 1) took a walk ... 2) fixed leftover stromboli for myself ... 3) watched the news ... 4) watched my Tivo-ed Desparate Housewives ... 5) watched the DVD of "Crash" from Blockbuster.
Desparate Housewives seems to be getting back on track after a shaky start to the season. Oh, no big mysteries, but I actually laughed out loud in two or three spots. And I love watching the Tivo version, no commercials.
I had been looking forward to seeing "Crash" after it won Best Picture. I'm on a mission to see all the Oscar nominees, although I may skip "Munich" due to violence and the lack of need to relive that particular time in history. Of course I was for "Brokeback Mountain" to win, and was disappointed that it didn't. I had read very mixed reviews of "Crash." A couple people at work had loved it, but my friend Sarah, who sees all the good films, said it was her least favorite of all the contenders. So I just tried to watch it with an open mind, despite my slight tilt to the negative.
It was not as bad as I feared, but not in the league of Brokeback. Just a little cliche-driven, over-the-top racial stereotype drama...redeemed by the balance shown of some of the characters (the director, the police office) and the feeling that a few of them, at least, had learned or grown. And, I did appreciate the humor. I might have named the movie "Crash of Coincidences," though.
I've got a bunch coming from Blockbuster, and hopefully will have some time to watch them!
I'm reading Capote, the biography which the movie is based, and is it good. It may be next year before I finish it--I read fast, but it's really thick, and I have little time to read anymore, plus I have two more books to tackle for book club this month and next. I'm concentrating now on The Known World, the Pulitzer-winner by Edward P. Jones. Its storyline includes slaves owned by black owners. Then, it's on to The Good Wife by Stuart Onan.
I did not turn the laptop on last night, and I should have, for I have some pictures to upload of the unbirthday party on Sunday in Jayme's room. Maybe tonight! Except...we're off to babysit tonight! Well, maybe tomorrow!

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