Thursday, January 12, 2006

The sky! The sky!
We can see it, and it's blue! And there's sun!
Turned off the light to go to sleep last night...after a bit turned over and opened my eyes for a sec...and saw...MOONLIGHT! It was so shocking, it woke me up! So steady and bright, I knew the clouds must have finally exited the building. And this morning, in the skylight, the moon had moved away enough that I saw...stars!
How pitiful we are in winter, that these things make us so happy!
The week roars on, cloudy, sunny or not!
Monday, we went to Julian's basketball practice, he is a hoot to watch. He has a categorical need to be first in line for anything. Since he is bigger than most of the other boys this is not too hard; luckily he has a good coach who keeps him in line! We helped Matt with the little girls, Caroline loves to play with the balls and Taylor just grins and grins.
Tuesday it was off to Columbia City for a C.City/Wawasee girls basketball game. Why, you ask? Well, Jayme's cousin Shawn plays for Wawasee. Although thte C.City coach has recently been inducted into the Indiana B-ball hall of fame, and Wawasee has had several good teams, including the Shannon Zolman years (her dad is coach; she's now a big star for Tennessee), this game did not deliver on the excitement front. I've seen a lot of girls' basketball over the years, and a lot of really bad games, but this one may take the prize. The thing didn't get over until 9:35!!! P.M.!!!! The good part was, lots of people there to visit with, including most of Jayme's family. And, Mike J. reffed the game, so Jaretta was there, and we could get all caught up.
Finally last night some time to chill out, although I.U. played M.S.U. and lost big-time, which was not too relaxing.
Friday, Homestead plays C.City, and we are going to go, and I think Julian will join us. Both schools have pretty good teams this year.
The flea market is in town this weekend! woo-hoo! I LOVE the flea market! That's one place on my list.

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