Wednesday, January 4, 2006

cadee49: Penguins
One evening last weekend we watched a very good film, March of the Penguins. I'd heard and read it was really good--but even Greg had heard some buzz a month or so ago (some company guys visiting his plant from Philidelphia were talking about it) and wanted to know, "what's this about a penguin movie?" It piqued his interest so when we discovered it on PPV, we gave it a try.
Of course it was wonderful, and fascinating on two levels. First, the way these penguins survive-- minus 100 degree weather? 100 mile and hour winds? And they keep eggs warm all through it, and they hatch, and the little chicks actually live?! Then--how in the world did they ever MAKE this movie? How did humans and equipment survive the above-described weather? There are some outtakes at the end of the videographers; they wear bright-orange snowsuits, and carry big cameras, and they just look cold.
I really did see a bunch of good movies over the holidays, but I still have a list of stuff I want to see.
Cinderella Man: Wow, everyone was right--this movie deserved much better attendance than it got. The reviews were excellent, and they were right, but what the distributers were thinking when they released it in May is a puzzle. If they'd waited til last fall, I think it would have done much better box office. I hope the Oscars don't forget Russell Crowe and Rene Zellwenger, who were both outstanding.
Batman Begins: I really didn't want to see another Batman movie; this one started kind of slow, but got exciting and intriguing as it unfolded.I ended up enjoying it.
Narnia: Well done. Just finished the books in November...definitely kid's lit; the movie also. As I saw it twice, I better have liked it!But beautifully filmed.

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