Tuesday, December 6, 2005

A new Christmas Tree record!
I'm kind of wishing I had a paid account, then I could post a picture of our Christmas tree, which was selected, cut down, and decorated Sunday.
Jayme, Tony (who gets major props for buying a truck a couple of years ago), Greg and I set off for St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm on our annual excursion. This is a big tree farm on the north side of Ft. Wayne that is just great--it's huge, with many different kinds of trees, it has a "train" that will drop you off at any section of the farm you want, then haul you back to the main building with your tree, they have saws, tree measuring sticks, and tree carts if you needs them, they also have pre-cut tree and wreaths, a little gift shop, and FREE coffee and hot chocolate. When its less than 20 degrees, that hot chocolate sounds pretty good.
This year, since we didn't have the little kids with us, we took off walking rather than wait for the train. We hadn't walked 50 feet when Jayme--who is new to the cutting-down process--spotted a tree and said, "Now I don't know too much about this. How about that one?" and straight ahead of us was just the perfect tree. Pushing 10 feet tall, almost perfectly shaped, I could just see it in our livingroom.
So, seeing as we were freezing already, Tony took the saw and chopped it down! A Christmas-tree-cutting-down record!
The only is a white fir, and the most expensive kind of tree to purchase, especially one that turned out to be nine feet tall. But it is as full as a white pine, but its branches are sturdier, and the needles are not sharp, but rather rubbery--if you'd just touch the needles, you'd think it was fake!
The guys carted the tree up to the place where they shake the bejesus out of it (hopefully all the loose needles, bird nests, and critters then fall out of it), then net it up. I paid for it and Jayme and I got hot drinks.
Five minutes later, the tree was in the truck and we were on our way home.
I'd been decorating on and off all day; Jayme and I had shopped a little (she needed an outfit for a Christmas party and also a wedding); and after we got home, decorated more and made plans for Ang, Matt, and the girls to bring some KFC over and they could see the tree.
A busy evening ensued, and I do have to admit the tree was not fully decorated until after everyone had left (after 8), but it turned out great. I edited the ornaments quite a bit this year--we used the white net lights, the best invention ever, little red bows, and mostly the round, shiny ornaments.
I plan to get an artificial tree on sale after Christmas to put up next year and display all my legacy ornament son it.
We still haven't gotten the big Christmas tree in the front year decorated, no time and way too cold! Maybe next weekend that will happen!

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