Tuesday, November 8, 2005

How's that wheat!?
So, I'm getting ready for an all-day meeting yesterday, sitting in our conference room around the big table. Four consultants from Ann Arbor, MI, are joining us. There is the usual chitchat...papers being passed out, planners being opened. Coffee poured. The guy next to me, a 40-ish guy who reminds me of Ichabod Crane, and who has hitherto been silent, turns to me and said, in all seriousness,
"Is the wheat in?"
(I can barely type that line without laughing.)
My interior dialog: The wheat...the wheat...WHAT wheat? Why is he asking me about THE WHEAT?
Me, to him: "I don't know about the wheat!"
I took and breath and realized that was a bit of a lie, I did know a little about the wheat, having just observed a field of winter wheat, a sea of green in a rapidly-turning-brown-and-gray landscape. I also realized he must have thought that, just because I live in Indiana, I am somehow in touch with, or intimately interested in, farming.
So, I turned to him and replied, "Well, in this area it's winter wheat that is grown, and it's just going in. Most of the corn and soybeans should be in, though."
Realizing immediately that I had negated my statement about not know about the wheat, but then, what does one expect when one asks a really weird question!
I could barely look at this guy for the rest of the meeting (a 4+ hour affair)without laughing, and kept wanting to ask him, "What about the wheat!?"
As soon as the meeting broke, I asked everyone I saw, "Do I look like a farmer? (NOT that there's anything wrong with that! In the correct setting, I would be very happy to look like a farmers, farmers being some of the best people I know.) Because he keeps asking me about the wheat!"
I have to admit that, after my birthday experience of last Friday, I would rather be asked about the wheat, than have him say to me, "Dang, woman, you're OLD!"
Is Ann Arbor such an oasis of urban-cool in a Midwest world that they think all Hoosiers know about...the wheat?
Or, just how clueless was this guy?
Note to self: Keep an eye on that wheat. You never know when someone will want to know about it!

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