Tuesday, November 1, 2005

20th Century Year by Year 1955
Well, less than three days until the last vestiges of my youth vanish.... Not that I'm counting.
Have you ever heard of The Mindset List from Beloit College? It's the list about what this year's class of college freshman have never lived without. Read it here.
You can read about some stuff that happened in 1955 by clicking here.
Got me to thinking what I'VE never lived
...rock and roll,
...Rosa Parks and the civil-rights movement,
...the idea that men and women are equal, if different, and deserve equal rights,

By the time I turned 13 in November of 1968...
...the '60s were almost over
...Woodstock was so over
...JFK, RFK, and MLK were all gone
...we loved the Monkees, not the Beatles

more to come!

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