Friday, October 21, 2005

Yes, we enjoy that worst-of-possible weather...the slow-moving low. A low that parks itself over Indiana...and allows us to enjoy chill temps, light rain, and worst of all, dense cloud cover for days. I dream of summer.
To Nashville, IN tomorrow. The weather looks just as good there! But with the shopping and hopefully brilliant fall color (why aren't the leaves turning yet?) a good time should be had by all.
Two dead deer on the way to work yesterday. I don't call Rt. 24 Road-Kill Road for nothin', especially in the fall.
Tivo success! I need to add The Apprentice to my season list, but I enjoyed watching Desperate Housewives while I monitored a chat for work. Also, part of Commander-in-Chief.
Neighborhood hijinks
Opened the door night before last (G. did, anyway) to find a HUGE bag of candy and treats, and a note proclaiming we had been "Hit by the Phantom," explaining in the spirit of neighborliness and Halloween, we were to enjoy our treats, and pass the favor on to three other neighbors. What fun. I bought some stuff yesterday, then put our bags together, put copies of the note in them, and we took them to three unsuspecting neighbors last night. Oh--if you receive one, you're supposed to hang the copy of the "phantom" (a ghost) on your door so you don't get two. I think this would be fun at Christmas too.
Reeny sent a note this morning about something I hadn't heard, as much as I've had to watch the White Sox lately. They have adopted "Don't Stop Believin'" as their theme song and want Steve Perry to sing it at game one Sat. night! I googled-news it this a.m., but didn't see that he had accepted. As I said before, I am hating them less now that I don't have to listen to Hawk announcing them, and if Steve Perry actually sings at the game, I might fade right into resigned acceptance. Stay tuned!

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