Monday, October 3, 2005

Just stuff I did over a long weekend
Well, is there anything MORE fun than four days off? I don't think so. Even if I did WORK for much of them, I accomplished so much it feels great.
I had been putting off my clean-up-the-home-office project for two years. That included going through, I am not kidding, 20 boxes of books packed away for 8 years, since we moved. I am giving away about half of them--10 boxes in the garage. I just really did a number on my bookcases--and ended up buying a new 5-shelf case at Walmart, it was marked down to $22--and moved them around--one is now in the livingroom, one in an upstairs bedroom, two in the office, still--but now I can actually GET to my books, all the classics and stories, novels and reference books! And, I have room to buy MORE BOOKS! woo-hoo!
I did not get on the computer much, knowing that if I had it on I would spend too much time surfing, emails, chatting, etc.! So I am playing catchup this morning.
Was I tickled to get Jon's link to McCabeCentral, and see the Homecoming pictures. I don't know who looked cuter. Chris in his red shirt was awesome, and Kelly in royal blue, one of my favorite colors, was awesome. Wish I could have seen them in person. And I hope everyone had a good time.
The second phase of my office clean-up was paper shredding. I had boxes of bills and receipts to file and, mostly, shred! I wore out my old shredder! It was a nice one Mom had given me for Christmas a few years ago, and goodness knows it had a few miles on it! It just quit taking the paper! So we ran down to Big Lots and replaced it. Man, I shredded for two days. Finally finished late yesterday afternoon. Then it was tidying and dusting. I still need to get some storage tubs to further organize the closet (I had actually cleaned that area last year) and I need to clean the carpet. Eventually, we will paint the room too.
Just so you won't think it was all work and no play, on Thursday I met Ang and Jayme and the little girls for lunch at Panera...on Friday it was a trip to Kohl's and Walmart...out to dinner Friday night at a Mexican place, Cebollo's, with great queso dip...Saturday Julian was sick with a cold, so no football game...we met Ang and the girls for lunch and a little shopping (and ice cream) at the evening, we got bbq chicken from the Volunteer Firemen. Yesterday we had lunch on the grill, some steaks from Fresh Market...then a quick dinner at Taco Bell.
After the last week of baseball-watching, all I can say it, what a sucky time for the Tribe to quit hitting. I could not even watch yesterday. You know I hate the White Sox, so I told Greg yesterday, for the World Series, I am FOR whoever is playing them.
On a positive sports note, Tony was at the Purdue/Notre Dame game Saturday, and although he was sitting in a sea of Purdue fans, he was one happy ND fan. Jayme was there too, although the girls didn't go to the game. They tailgated then went to a movie. The Colts game, which I saw only a tiny bit of, was also a positive.
A busy week ahead, sounds like it's going to get cold by the weekend--and we've got a cookout to go to Sunday at Jayme's parents! Maybe a warm front will stall!

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