Friday, October 28, 2005

If Angela didn't have my camera, I'd take a picture of myself and post it. I have on my favorite Halloween t-shirt, a little orange number that says "Spooky" in black letters. Boo!
Did I have baseball withdrawal last night? NO. Although Tony had told Greg on Wed. that he DIDN'T want the White Sox to win because "I'm not ready for baseball to be over." A true fan.
Instead, watched Zorro on TBS, which means I also had to watch commercials during it, which was a bummer. But the movie wasn't too bad, although more violent than I anticipated, seeing that the new one coming out today keeps being advertised as "fun family fare." Yes, I consider sword piecing, head bashing, and being drug by horses very family-friendly. And I even forgot to mention the shootings!
I also made the observation that Catherine Zeta-Jones can PLAY a smart woman in the movies, in interviews on TV she comes across as rather vapid and giggly. I did like her in Chicago (the musical).
I may be in attendance at a football game tonight--Snider vs. Homestead. That is how deserate I am for activities tonight.
One short week until my birthday. The last vestiges of anything that could remotely be referred to as "my youth" in their death throes. How I shall miss it--my youth, that is! My only consolation is that perhaps 50 is the new 30! Yes, I can labor under that delusion! Also, I am hopeful that people, in their misguided attempts to "celebrate" (possible wearing of black, black balloons, gravestones, etc.) may also stumble upon those things sure to cheer me up: birthday cake with good frosting, and gift certificates! Preferably to Wal-mart, or Best Buy!
For some reason, it's so quiet in the office this morning, I am afraid perhaps I have passed on and not noticed it. No one has said a word for ages, and I just sneezed, and no one even said "Bless you!" Maybe THEY are all dead! Except I hear keys clicking.

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