Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another Day, Another Hurricane
This one, hitting some of our favorite places--Ft. Myers, Daytona Beach. When we watch TV, we see the news people and Weather Channel people at places we know--near the clock at Ft. Myers Beach, at Bonita Beach, anywhere at Daytona. At least this one moved through fast!
Better than our weather...that dang slow-moving low! Still hanging around. Damp and cool. You know though, I don't think we've had a hard frost or freeze yet; although I had to break down and turn the furnace on last week. Dang.
One of those weekend where I'm not quite sure where it all went. Saturday all day in Nashville, IN--we had the kids, so didn't shop much but did stuff fun with them, mini-golf, puppet show, "train" ride around town. Ate at The Sandwich Shop, crammed with Bob Knight stuff. Hit three candy stores and the toy store; also spend some time at the sock shop, which has every possible logo, occupation, or affinity on socks you can imagine. In every size! I have some pix I'll put on Kodak Gallery when I get a second, that may be by next year.
Ang and the girls came over last night, Matt had to work. Cooked up some spaghetti for dinner. Played with Caroline, who has her usual hooty self. She is fascinated by the refrigerator magnets for some reason!
Found this article on about the new Anne Rice novel; she has had a religious reversion and has left vampires behind; she's moved on to the life of Christ as a child. I've got a preview copy; not sure what I think yet.
Also reading Waiting by Ha Jin for book club. Really good--easy to read. Guess you could call it a romance--but full of info about living in Communist China.
Ordered a book about the favorite poems of Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis. Includes many I love myself. Intros written by her daughter, Caroline.
Rosa Parks died. I didn't realize she had been an activist before the bus incident.

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