Friday, September 16, 2005

What's that wet stuff?
I believe, from a long-ago memory, it MIGHT be called "rain." We are VERY hopeful it will make all our lawns less crunchy, and perhaps even green them up abit before it dies with the onslaught of the w-word. Very coolish, for sure, something we are NOT familiar with this summer, the good part of that being, I turned the air conditioner off.
On the bookshelf
Well, I have reread all the Harry Potter books, which was a blast to see how J.K. Rowling has spent the first five books setting us up for the last two. And amazing to reread book one, definitely a "kid's book," and contrast it to book six, definitely NOT a "kid's book." She's come a long way, baby.
But I've also been reading our first book club book of the year, The News from Paraguay, by Lily Tuck. A tightly-written, shortish novel of love and politics in a country I know nothing about. It will be interesting to hear the presentation for "News," and learn a little about the background and author.
I have also started "Until I Find You," by John Irving. Read an interesting article about him in "Book" magazine, too.
On the small screen
We watched Garden State the other night, and I LOVED it. I had a little Napolean-Dynamite experience, in that when the film first started, I found it rather strange and disjointed, and wasn't sure if I could hang with it, but by half an hour into the story, I was hooked. Turns into a 20-something growing-up love story. Very nicely done by the same guy who stars in Scrubs.
Baby update
Taylor continues to grow into her cuteness. She is starting to smile more and more. And eats more and more, just ask Angela--although I gave her a bottle the other night and she took it really well. Her huge dark eyes seem to suck everything in, although I know what she sees is not in focus--must look like a Monet painting to her, which is not all bad! I might look my best in a Monet, all the edges blurred :)
Caroline is beyond cute. Her language is just exploding and her sense of humor endless. Plus, she learned to do a somersault by herself last night! Was she proud. She loves to tease--if you take her binky, she says, No! My binky! and you are supposed to say, "Mama's binky!" which makes her laugh and reply, "No! My binky," a conversation that can go on for sometime. I was in the car with her and Jayme last night--she just loves Jayme--and I said, "My Jay-Jay," and she just looked at me with a very sly smile and said, "My Jay-Jay!" Which made Jayme crack up.
Julian and I were playing with his new games last night. I had been to Big Lots and found a very nice boxed set of old-fashioned games, the kind with wood bases and golf tees; a couple use dice. Of course he beat me; he tends to make up rules (favoring him) as he goes along. He has a football game tomorrow; I believe the weather is supposed to clear up so it should be fun.
OH also! Johnny Appleseed Festival this weekend! We are going up Sunday--Ang and Jayme are working again in the big tent (it is the only tent--it's sponsered by the sorority that puts the whole thing on--that can serve pop; they also have hot dogs and other food). They get to dress up in pioneer garb. We'll take some pix!
Tony and Greg off to Chicago today with a couple of Greg's work buddies for a Cubs' game. Too bad they are so far out of every race that the game is rather meaningless (although they are playing their arch-rivals, the Cardinals). (And unlike the Indians, who picked up a half-game in the wild card yesterday even though they had the day off, because the Yankees lost.) Jayme and I had thought about going, but she didn't want to overspend, so instead we are going out to eat and then to the new Burlington Coat Factory, which also has clothes and home items, and is HUGE, being in the remodelled old Kmart near my house. Ang might come too!

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