Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today is my Friday

All during the months I work on the Almanac at work, I think about taking a day or two off when it is done. I never have done so…until this year! I happened to have a couple extra days (a miracle!) and a project that has been languishing at home for, I am very ashamed to admit, two years.
Yes, the home office is going to get cleaned up and organized. It’s the only room downstairs that suffers from acute messiness and extreme disorganization, and it’s getting fixed on Thursday and Friday. Improvements shall include: sorting and shelving of books, with many being given away; sorting and shredding of papers; a new TV stand; changing around of bookshelves (one may be moved to the livingroom); an exchange of desks (might get rid of what’s in there and take Ang’s old computer desk); and more.
Stay tuned for progress reports and maybe even before-and-after pictures.

Speaking of bookshelves
We had our first book club meeting of the year last week. An excellent presentation of The News from Paraguay by Lily Tuck. A National Book Award winner, for reasons that remained murky to us and many other reviewers. While consensus seemed to be it was an okay read, it was not particularly outstanding in anyway—some beautiful language and descriptions, but incomplete characterizations and a choppy narrative. Next up is a classic, James Agee’s A Death in the Family, which I just ordered and received yesterday, and I am looking forward to it very much.
I finally finished re-reading all the Harry Potter books, and enjoyed ever single second. I’ll read ‘em all again before number seven comes out.

Still on books and reading
A seminal experience of my early reading life was Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. It scared the absolute bejesus out of me so much that I have never re-read it, and I should. I was probably way to young to read it, but it was so good—so well written, riveting, etc., etc.—that I remember much better than 1,000 other books I’ve read.
And, imagine my surprise to find out that a character in another of my all-time favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird, is Capote himself, a friend of Harper Lee’s.
Truman is back in the news—going to be a couple of movies out about him in the next few months. Read about them on USA Today.

What we’re up to
Julian had a flag football game last Saturday, and enjoyed scoring a touchdown very much; he also had a couple “tackles.” He’s started his religious ed on Wed. evenings—it’s First Communion year—and also went to church with Mommy, Matt, and Papa. I had babysitting duties! Last Friday, he was a model for a publication here at OSV—he’ll be on the front page of a bulletin insert we do called “Grace In Action.” I’ll make sure everyone gets a copy. He tolerated it because he’s getting paid $35!!
Caroline is talking like crazy and is now entertaining us as a dancer at frequent intervals.
Taylor is smiling up a storm, and also pees and poops at frequent intervals.
Angela is enjoying not working, and has been attending community band practices. She’ll have concerts all winter and into next summer.
Jayme walked the dog yesterday morning, saw her breath in the 48-degree air, and immediately began planning spring break in Florida. Her parents are having a party for her on October 9, to celebrate her college graduation and her R.N.-ness; they’re also having their big fish fry that day. Should be fun.
Tony and Jayme are leaving Friday for a Purdue weekend with some friends; the guys are going to the football game (Purdue-Notre Dame) and the girls will be shopping, etc.

Hail to the …
Missed the first 20 minutes of Commander-in-Chief last night, but enjoyed most of it. Gina Davis was awesome. I need to quiz some co-workers, though, and see just WHY the president was wanting to dump her just before his stroke.

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