Tuesday, August 2, 2005

cadee49: We're on pre-heat
We're on pre-heat
I walked in to the office a bit ago and said to Toots, our receptionist, "It's beautiful out, now. Because we're on pre-heat." Meaning, it's supposed to be 96 later.
Of course, I can't wait...although I know others disagree. As I said to my cube-mates yesterday, though, we should be at the beach, not in cubicles.
I ate my lunch at my desk yesterday, then walked a bit. I had four walks yesterday--during morning break; at lunch; after work; and in the evening. They better be doing some good!
Not enough good, it seems. I lost only 2.5 pounds last month, down from my average of 6.5 the last three or four months. That is pretty depressing, considering how much I walked and starved. Maybe I will lose OVER my average this month.
I took some pictures of the kids and Julian's birthday over the weekend: see them here:
Kodak Gallery.

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