Monday, July 11, 2005

cadee49: Vacation needed...from vacation!
How hard is it to get back to work after a fun vacation? So much so I don't even want to think about it!

Here's a quick rundown of the fun:
Sunday: Arrival and concert at the rez with Dad and Reeny. Firelands Symphony with soloists the main attraction; a rainbow-hued hot-air balloon the unexpected entertainment!

Monday: A traditional 4th! A parade in the morning; a dip in the pool and a walk with Reeny in the afternoon; and fireworks at night.

Tuesday: We're off the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in the early afternoon. It's worth the $20 price of admission! Then excellent tickets -- thanks to Mike's boss -- at the Indians game in the evening. Wow--we had never been there--The Jake is Great. I drank half of the biggest daquiri ever...and if the Indians had won the night would have been perfect.

Wednesday: The day we wait for all year. Put-in-Bay. Dad, Reeny, me, Adam and friend Logan out on the ferry. The youngsters on bikes and we oldsters in the golf cart. Lunch at the Boardwalk (lobster bisque!), shopping, ice cream, up in the monument, the winery, more shopping.... Wish I was there this minute!

Thursday: A visit with Susy in the afternoon--garage sales and Naturally Country in Benjamin's lime green bug--then to CP at night with Dad. A great time to visit! We had plenty of time to see two shows, ride several rides, and observe the Top Thrill Dragster in action.

Friday: Lunch with the D's at TGIFriday's in Sandusky, then ice cream at Friendly. Then back to pack, and on to dinner at IHOP with Ang, Matt and Caroline, and Julian's baseball game.

Saturday: Up early to meet Ang, Matt & Caroline at Krispy Kreme for breakfast, then to the TRF parade. It was great as usual. Back home for some chores, then met up with the guys again for a trip to Chain o Lakes state park for dinner with Tony, Jayme, and her family (who were there camping). We had a wonderful meal--so much good food--and even some-mores around the campfire. Caroline entertained everyone with "ring around the rosy."

Sunday: A day of rest only in comparison to Saturday! A walk to Expresso Gallery for breakfast--grocery store and more chores--Ang, Matt and Caroline over to show off Caroline's new pierced ears with cute little pink flowers--then Tony and Jayme over for KFC chicken and fixin's. After Ang, Matt & Caroline left, Tony, Jayme and we went over to DQ for ice cream!! We walked home, then put a movie in. The Legend of Ron Burgundy was SO stupid I fell asleep!

Back to work this morning and it looks like a busy week--a ballgame tonight (Julian's last one), 3RF stuff to go to, an author in town and dinner Thursday night--whew!!

I may need another vacation next week.

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