Monday, July 18, 2005

cadee49: Hurricanes, fireworks and a day at the lake
How does a hurricane act in Indiana? Well, makes it cloudy...humid...and eventually, it rains!
We've been sitting under the remnents of Dennis since last week. Unlike Florida, which certainly didn't need the hit, we were happy to see some rain. Our grass was "crunchy," as several people observed last week. It's a little better now--some green among the "crunch"--and the corn looks a little less stressed. And I haven't had to water the flowers, tomatoes and peppers since last week. Oh! I picked my first tomato last week! It is round and red and beautiful.
We met Ang, Matt, Julian and Caroline for dinner Friday night, then took the kids home with us for the night and up to the lake on Saturday for Matt's party (he finished his residency the end of June and begins practice August 1). Actually, I did most of that because Greg had a golf outing early Sat. morning. Since we were hit with a storm about that time, it's lucky any of it happened! But we ended up having a very fine day at the lake, with lots of food, cake, drinks, and boat rides. We also had more rain, but it couldn't dampen the party!
I was a little bummed because something went haywire in my right eye, and it hurt most of Saturday and I ended up taking my contacts out. It's feeling better now but I'm still in my glasses, which causes everyone to say, "Hey! You got new glasses!" but they are really my old glasses I never wear.
Sunday was spent sleeping in, reading the paper, then housework and chores. In the heat and humidity--which I love, by the way, unlike most of the world. About 9, we headed down to Jefferson Pointe and watched the 3RF fireworks from the parking lot. It's not the best view, but you save about an hour getting out of traffic than if you go downtown.
Tony and Jayme got back from camping yesterday. It was their first anniversary! They got rained on some but since Ted and Janet were there with their big 5th-wheel they were high and dry.
Harry Potter has arrived! My books aren't here yet but I expect them shortly. I must confess--I did pick up a copy yesterday while grocery shopping at Meijer and peaked at the ending. So put a spell on me!
Also--The new John Irving arrived. Reviews have not been too good, but I am liking it so far.

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