Monday, July 25, 2005

And it's hot, Hot, HOT
Humid, too--as much as I like hot weather, it's pretty hot, even for me.
A busy, unusual weekend.Greg in Michigan for a golf outing connected with (and paid for!) by work. So I had 2-1/2 days to myself.
One day of it was spent babysitting--so I wasn't by myself at all. It went great--Julian and Caroline stayed all night Thursday (the babysitter being on vacation), then had all day Friday to play. Favorite playmate Kelsey came over in the a.m., and a good time was had by all in the wading pool. Pizza delivery for lunch! Then to dinner and music at JP with Ang, Matt and Caroline, and also Tony and Jayme. Poor Jayme has a summer cold--those are the worst.
Saturday was spent in chores, and I got a lot done! It was hot--but I had fun weeding the flower gardens and other upkeep. Also, I walked over the Chestnut shopping center for breakfast. And got another walk or two in during the day.
Sunday more of the same--Greg got home earlier than he planned, their morning golf got rained out. I went to the grocery, and later Tony and Jayme were over for dinner. The guys golfed, and Jayme and I had a walk and went to Meijer. They had some good clearance items.
Harry Potter finished
Friday while the kids played I finished Harry Potter. It was very emotional and sad. I thought this book was the best one yet--it's very adult. If I had little kids, I would read it to them. Probably 12 and up can handle it by themselves. But it was interesting--after reading the comments in a friends LiveJournal about predestination and free will, The Half-Blood Prince addresses those very issues. And very well, too. Everyone who's read it wants to discuss what's going to happen in Book Seven (spoiler ahead): Is Dumbledore really dead, or is he dead in an Obi-wan Kenobi kind of way? Is Snape really bad, or is he bad in a Darth-Vader kind of way (redeems himself at the end)? Is Draco really bad, or can he be persuaded to come back to the "light side"? Will Hogwarts open, or does it need a year off to recover from this violence? Will it take Harry, Ron, and Hermione the summer break, or the rest of the lives to kill the "Dark Lord"?
Well, at least we are assured of some good conversation for the next couple of years!

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