Friday, July 1, 2005

Americans feel like traveling — this weekend - U.S. News -
And I'm happy to report, I will be traveling in the middle of this :)

Haiku created during a very boring meeting
Black Pen
Words hide within you
From my head to my fingers
Release flows smoothly.

Time Flies
Einstein, he knew
It's sometimes fast, sometimes slow;
My watch has stopped.

I'm losing my mind;
This meeting is so boring;
I wish I was ... gone.

At Key West
I've been there,
But I'm going, soon, whether
In person, or not.

I wish I could fly,
Raise up, float away, wave bye;
To great astonishment.

Again, did I mention how bored I was!?

Off to Ohio
Work today (although G. is off and playing golf; he has more vacation days than I!); packing and get-ready stuff at home tomorrow, then a wedding and reception; we're off on Sunday. Lots of fun stuff to do next week. The weather looks good!

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