Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Of Franklin, traveling, and legalities
To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals. -- Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack, 1737

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. -- Scott Adams, 'The Dilbert Principle'

I'd rather work with someone who's good at their job but doesn't like me, than someone who likes me but is a ninny. -- Sam Donaldson

Slipping in a bad haiku:

Gateway to freedom,
Escape to sunny places,
Vacation starts here.

Saul Steinberg
Until I read about him in today's Writer's Almanac I did not know him; but have since discovered that "Saul Steinberg (1914-1999) was one of America’s most beloved artists, renowned for the covers and drawings that appeared in The New Yorker for nearly six decades and for the drawings, paintings, prints, collages, and sculptures exhibited internationally in galleries and museums." But in the Writer's Almanac email I get, there is this quote, that I particularly like:

Saul Steinberg said of his childhood, "I got high on elementary things like the luminosity of the day and the smell of everything—mud, earth, humidity, the delicious smells of cellars and mold, grocers' shops."

He was an artist, but I think poets feel the same way.

Learn more about him here:

Is it over yet?
We gathered around the TV once again for a trial verdict. As we waited we laughed about the things that drew us to the TV over the years, and none of them are funny, but laughing about it is the only way we can face them: The OJ trial, the Peterson trial, 9/11.
Jackie tried to get us to commit to "guilty" or "not" in a pre-verdict straw poll, but few were willed. As I said, by this time, I just wanted it to be over: I didn't CARE if it was guilty or not, although I supposed that if he were guitly, there would be endless appeals and it would stay on the media radar for more years. But the trial had been so obviously bungled by so many--prosecuters and witnesses alike--that the not guilty verdict was no surprise. The consensus, both in the office and of friends and family, seemed to be: he is guilty of being weird...he MAY be a child molester, but it was not proven by THIS trial. And if it's true that the head prosecuter has been after King Michael for 10 years over this--then, that guy should be fired immediately, because he put together one lousy case against him.

On the bookshelf
Still reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy --all the series. I'm almost done--the universe is saved, Author is back on Earth, Ford has surfaced, but still wondering about Trillian and Zaphod. I have the new one by the Atonement author to start after this, and LOTS of good stuff stacked up for the summer, including the NEW John Irving (Until I Find You) ! the NEW Harry Potter! and the NEW Janet Evanovich (Eleven on Top, ! Plus, some backstory John Irving things I've been wanted to get too, including his memoir about making The Cider House Rules.

And in the DVD player
Well, I've gone crazy for the Blockbuster movie by mail program! I tried it out to check out the interface, which had one an award--it's a great interface for sure, but then I got hooked on the process. Started putting movies in my queue and haven't stopped. I had a long list of movies I wanted to see and just couldn't fit them in--some were at the dollar movie, some on ppv, etc. but just couldn't coordiate having the time and the energy to go. Having the DVDs shipped to my house...with no due date...and we can watch at the mood strikes. Of course we're often busy in the evenings and crash for an hour or so before bed, so we can throw the DVD in there and watch an hour or even all of it as time permits. It took two nights to see "The Aviator"!
We've seen "Napoleon Dynamite" (took 20 min. but then I was hooked), "The Aviator" as mentioned (a little long in the Howard-as-nutcase-spots, but the old-Hollywood feel was wonderful, as were the aviation parts), "Friday Night Lights" (Billy Bob Thorton really good), "Lemony Snicket" (Jim Carrey good). I've got "Motorcycle Diaries" and "Ray" coming.

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