Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Missing Utah boy found alive - U.S. News -
Finally! Some happy news of a missing person.

Today is the first day of summer! Yippee! I think it began about 2:45 this morning.

It's a great first day--sunny, warm, a little humid, and everything a summer day should be.

Jayme came down to Huntington and had lunch with me today! We had so much fun. We went to the new Depot Deli downtown; she got a sandwich and fruit, and I had a salad and fruit, then we had cookies for dessert. We sat outside and enjoyed the trucks roaring past :) No trains today--the track is 20 feet away--the last two times I've been there, we've enjoyed two or three trains! Wow, do they go fast.

After a fun but unproductive weekend--home-work-wise, that is!--I crossed a few things off the to-do list last night. Greg golfed all day (the Foamex guys took vacation days and used a $39-play-all-day special) then went to Eddie Merlot's for dinner, for work. So I had plenty of time to water the plants outside, clean a bathroom, finish laundry, clean the frig (yuk! guck! I hate that job!), and clean the kitty litter.

He got home about 8 after a very enjoyable dinner, although he reports the filet mignon is better at Catablu than Eddie's!
We watched the end of The Motorcycle Diaries. It was an excellent movie, and I had forgotten Robert Redford was involved in the producing aspect. Of course it's in Spanish, so it was subtitled, but it was amazing to me how quickly one can adjust to listening, reading, and watching at the same time.

Next up is Phantom of the Opera, and I got an email notice today that Be Cool is on it's way, too.

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