Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Trump calls Freedom Tower 'disgusting' and a 'pile of junk' - Hardball with Chris Matthews -
Gotta agree with Trump on this one. I never liked the design that got picked. Trump describes it as a "skeletal building," and he is right on with that one.

Everybody did love Raymond -- Watched the last show last night. Never a huge fan--it's just too close to real life -- but the show was well done. I didn't see any reviewer comment on it, but it was amazing how seldom the kids were on. Often, it was as if they didn't exist.

How sick are YOU of the Michael Jackson story? Tawdry, too much information, too much money, too much everything. He had too much talent, and not enough solid foundation to sustain it.

The Force is almost here -- And I'm of mixed feelings. One, I hear it's pretty violent. Two, some optimist part of me wants Anikin not to go to the dark side. Even though I know the ending of the story! Three, I just hate for the moves to be over. Who can forget the excitement of the first one? We had never seen anything like it.

I want my Put-in-Bay wines -- And now I will be able to order them and have them shipped to the Hoosier state!

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