Friday, May 6, 2005

Ditch the chocolates and the bath salts - Mother's Day -
This article is right on. What I'd really like for Mother's Day--somebody else feed the cats. Somebody else clean the litter box area.Somebody else get the paper and the mail and go through the mail and throw most of it out. Somebody else put the dishes away, load the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher. Somebody else haul the laundry downstairs, do the laundry, haul it back upstairs, fold it, put it away. Somebody else exercise for me :) Somebody else vacuum, especially the steps. Somebody else mop the cat prints off the kitchen floor. Somebody else put the toys away after the kids are here. Somebody else clean the bathroom, esp. the shower, toilet, and sinks. Somebody else get rid of all the hair in the bathroom. Somebody else pick up the stuff somebody dropped on the closet floor and never pick up. Somebody else change the sheets and make the bed. Somebody else file all my paperwork from paying the bills. Somebody else clean out the refrigerator. Somebody else clean out my car. Somebody else clean all the mail and papers off the counters and kitchen table. Somebody else throw all the old newspaper and magazines out. Somebody else clean out that upstairs bedroom and make it tidy again. Somebody else take my to-do list and do everything on it, including clean the kitchen cupboards, wash the walls, wash the windows, organize the books, clean out the closets.
You get the drift, I think.

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