Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - Anchors may not be only change in TV news

Kind of interesting stuff, just because I watch the news so much, and it's been so unchanged since I first started watching Walter Cronkite, and/or Huntley and Brinkley, when I was a kid.

I always wonder, why do people on TV always dress up so much? Especially sports reporters--everyone else at a sporting event is in uniform, or the most casual clothing imaginable. In the last year or so, the woman meteorologists on The Weather Channel (yes, I know, I watch it too much) started dressing down a little--fewer suits with bows, and more pants-and-sweaters-or-blouses.

There a quote in this article from Brian Williams of NBC that made me shake my head:
"But some things — at least on NBC Nightly News— will never change.

Williams, for one, will always wear a tie. 'As long as I am alive or employed by this network, I will dress to anchor an evening broadcast as if I am being invited into someone's home for the first time.' "

I can't think of one person in about 30 years who wore a tie to our house because they came at our invitations!

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