Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No more weather talk!
secret of all success is to know how to deny yourself. Prove that you can control yourself, and you are an educated man; and without this all other education is good for nothing.-- H.R. Hitchcock

Character - the willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life - is the source from which self respect springs. -- Joan Didion, "Slouching Towards Bethlehem"

There are people whom one loves immediately and forever. Even to know they are alive in the world with one is quite enough. -- Nancy Spain

I believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it. -- Garrison Keillor [Ed. note: I catch Prairie Home Companion on Sunday mornings, sometimes, as I get dressed, on NPR. Its gentle humor with a cutting edge always entertains.]

Baseball season
I am looking for a new favorite team, since both the Cubs and Indians seem determined to suck this season. One might think that the White Sox would move into this role, given their proximity; however, I have hated the W.S. for years and it's just not something one gets over that rapidly, esp. since the W.S. are in the Indians' division, and hated rivals and all that. Let's just say, I'm shopping right now for a team to pique my fancy.
Julian's baseball season has also started. His first game was Monday and though they lost, the little guys showed great potential. He did super in the field and swung the bat well, although the swings resulted in strike-outs rather than hits. I should add, the kids are pitching this year, and opportunities to hit any ball anywhere near the strike zone are spotting at best.

Just one bad haiku (I have not been particularly moved by the subjects suggested by USAToday)

Crack! The ball flies high,
Crowd gasps, the batter runs, whoops!
It's just a long out. (4/21/05)

I just can't talk about the weather anymore
After a stunningly nice few days last week, reality hit on Thursday/Friday, and by the weekend cold and, I can hardly type it, snow were our experiences. We had Angela's birthday party (age, 27) Friday night, which was indoors, and so, tolerable. However, a necessary shopping expediction on Saturday called for warm clothes and determination. Saturday night saw us attending two weddings (actually, one ceremony and 1-1/2 receptions) and this was a brutal experience. It called for a wardrobe realignment, as the skirt that was planned for my attire seemed to offer not half enough protection against the elements. Pants were substituted and proved to be the correct choice.
I will mention a couple of humorous incidents from the weddings. At the first one, which was actually a "renewal of vows," as these people have been together over 10 years, have three children (oldest, 11), and have been married over a year. The young pastor, who spent an inordinate amount of time chastising them for some of the more messy incidents in their lives, actually made the statment, "Marriage is about bringing out the worst in each other." We were rather nonplussed at that one, and, while it may occasionally be true, might not be the correct wedding-sermon material. We also got a chuckle from the wedding program, which referred to the bride and groom's son as the "Ring Bear." I have NO idea if they meant that to be cute or if it were a typo.
The second reception was of people who were NOT previously married, although the groom was divorced and had a little boy. But this reception was beautiful, although again, the program, which we picked up when signing the guest book, supplied some levity. One item on the program was "The Lord's Prayer" by "soloist"; the guests are encouraged to, and I'm not making this up, "Please think along with the words." I only wish I had been at the wedding, so as to see everyone in deep, ponderous thought during that tune.
Otherwise, it was a very lively reception with good food, delicisious cake, and square dancing! Very fun to watch (I was not correctly shod to participate) and I actually remembered all the dances they did from '60s Fitchville days, including Texas Star and Roll Out the Barrell!

Sunday found us off to Ohio; who would have ever guessed that this rare day trip would involve driving in blinding snow? Good news--it did not stick to the roads. Bad news--it was foggy, the snow was heavy, and Norwalk had 5 inches on the ground. I can't imagine how much they got in all; I'm sure a lot melted, too. But it was good to be able to celebrate the birthdays and have some cake with everyone!

A book revolution
Not really. Book club last night. I presented "Loving Che," it was not as good a discussion as I had hoped. Most liked the book; just one or two did not. Most quarrels were with her rather disjointed narrative; it's a first novel, and it showed. But I think everyone enjoyed learning a little about Cuba, and it was a fun book to read. We have one more book next month--Sister Carrie, kind of a downer, then our planning meeting, scheduled for May 31. A member loaned me a book called Ursula, Under, which sounds like it might be good. I've been reading I'll Take You There by Carol Joyce Oates; it's kind of a downer,too, and really harsh on sorority college life.

Fast time
Can't go without mentioning the fight in Indiana over going on daylight savings time. It has been an irritant to me for over 30 years that Indiana is one of only three states in the U.S. not to observe DST. We're making the national news now because the case has gotten further into the legislature than usual--Gov. Daniels is for it, and campaigned for it last fall--but I must say, I have 0% hope that it will pass. Listen to NPR's report by clicking here.

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